About Me

This is Stephanie and she thinks kids are AWESOME, super awesome.
Stephanie Pasutto

In 2010 she left a career in the new home industry to become a portrait photographer specializing in kids. You won’t find any scary flashes or laser shooting backgrounds in her home studio, just her camera, her extra large windows and good music.

Stephanie’s images have been on the cover of magazines and she’s won international awards , but she’ll tell you her biggest win is her family. She is the mother of 2 awesome boys (just ask her she’ll tell you) and the wife of a super supportive husband.

She knows first hand how hard it can be to photograph your own children, which is why her clients trust her to capture great images of their kids. She has a knack for capturing a child’s true personality in a natural environment that is more like a play date than a chore.

Stephanie is a DIY’r, a party planner and she’s never had a Big Mac.  She’s learning to adjust to life in her 40’s and she can’t live without lip gloss.

When she’s not writing about herself in the third person, Stephanie can be found driving her boys to various sporting activities and dreaming of a day when everyone will wave when you let them in ahead of you in traffic.


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