Adams Family

The Adams family were in the studio in March to capture some images of their adorable family. Their children Claire (3) and Jack (8months) both have amazing eyes (and skin) and were just a pleasure to photograph. Claire has been in front of the camera before, but this was Jack’s first time, and to celebrate this stage, his mom requested a 20 x 20 storyboard of his images that turned out beautifully!

How sweet is this little face?I love this image of Jack.  I think it looks like he is in a go cart and is having way too much fun speedIng along.But he really only wanted to use it as a teething ring. Thankfully it is made of very soft wood.Claire was a little camera shy but she was very happy to wear this bunny hat.Dad was so sure we wouldn’t be able to get a picture of them together. I like a challenge and this image is adorable of them!Cuddles with mom.

And even happier in mom & dad’s arms :)


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