Beer Tasting Bonanza

Sometimes December birthdays get a little overshadowed by the holidays, so to make sure my husband’s “after Christmas” birthday was special, we held a Beer Tasting Bonanza to celebrate. Fun Fact: I have not had a beer since 2004. I do not like beer, and after this party, I still do not like beer but I know a heck of a lot about it now. I was surprised to learn that beer tastings were a hot party trend for 2012. We have held a few wine tastings in our day but never a beer tasting. They can be as sophisticated or as casual as you’d like and they even have cheese pairing (pdf version) suggestions which we did as well. 

I learned that if beer is bought cold, it should remain cold and stored in an upright position. (it should also be consumed within 2 weeks which I was sure was not going to be an issue) I made sure we cleaned out our fridge before the big trip to Wine and Beyond and had plenty of room for our tastings. I had these labels personalized by Owl and Toad on Etsy They were fantastic to work with and turned the labels around to me within an hour. I love the masculine and clean look of these labels and they looked great concealing the different varieties of beer.

My next trip was to Dollarama to pick up enough glasses for each of our guests. It is suggested that you use glass for all of your tastings, but with 13 guests and 5 tastings each that is a lot of glassware. So I went with these beer inspired plastic glasses. They are dishwasher safe and will be stored and used again at our next event. I printed out numbers on 2″ circle labels and placed them under each glass to keep things organized.

To help me with the tasting I ordered this Beer Tasting Tool Kit from Amazon. It contained enough tasting notes for all of our guests, along with beer-tasting terms, tasting 101 and bags to conceal the labels. There are a few kits that can be found at your local Chapters.

Because this was a Black & Gold party we busted out the fancy gold flatware we received from our wedding many moons ago.

Oh you fancy huh?

My version of beer googles. I downloaded the beer subway art from Could Be Interesting and fashioned them into some lovely beer googles for my hubby.

I tried to incorporate beer into most of my party decor including the food. These are Guinness cupcakes in adorable cupcake liners and straws from Sweet Social, topped off with free “Drink Up” labels from Bringing Home Ezra.

A Beer Tasting Bonanza is pretty easy to pull together and can be done on short notice. This is a great way to get friends together and celebrate a birthday, New Years, Father’s Day, etc.

While this party was super fun, I’ve started my no beer drinking streak again and don’t see it ending anytime soon.

The end.


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