Birthdays are one of my most favourite things to celebrate, and April was a busy month of celebrating. It has been my pleasure to have shared a small part in Charlee (7)  and Sawyer’s (5) birthdays for the last 3 years. Enjoy!

Birthday Edmonton Photographysibling photography edmontonIMG_1902-copyBirthday Edmonton PhotographerIMG_1968-copyIMG_1984-copyIMG_2012-copyIMG_2033-copyIMG_2046-copyIMG_2087-copyIMG_2124-copyIMG_2128-copyIMG_2152-copyIMG_2261-copyIMG_2266-copyIMG_2279-copyIMG_2297-copyIMG_2304-copyIMG_2306-copyIMG_2324-copy


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