First Birthday

This handsome little man stopped by the studio to capture images celebrating his first birthday. His parents wrote that he is a “very happy boy and makes them laugh all the time”. They were hoping to capture images of both his happy, “goofy” side along with his serious side.

I think we got it :)

He was a little unsure at the beginning of our session, his parents mentioned it may take him a little time to warm up to new situations.  He is after all only 13 months old.

I said that we would probably be best friends in 5 minutes, and this is at about the 5 minute mark. You can just tell he is thinking something a little devilish here.

And here he comes!!

He got me!

Well not so much me, as the back of the camera. He really enjoyed seeing how the image turned out after each shot. I almost needed two cameras, one to take the image, and another to capture him looking at the image we just caught. The faces he gave were priceless!

Not only does he having amazing big brown eyes, but look at those locks! I love that his mom is keeping his hair long, too cute!!

Mom says her little man is going to be a doctor when he grows up. It looks like he is going to be an excellent student.

with a silly side :)

Looks like he is pretty happy being one!

I. LOVE. This. Period.

There’s nothing cuter than baby bums. Seriously.

Cheeky. Monkey.


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