Fur Babies are Family Too!

Recently I started sending a “Getting To Know You” form in a package to all of my clients before our session. This document helps me better understand what you hope to get from our time together, along with a little insight about your family (personalities, what you like to do together, what do you hope the images convey, etc). ¬†All of this information helps me tailor a custom portrait session specific to you.

When I received the form back from the “M” family, their 6 1/2 yr old border collie cross Hailey was listed FIRST under children’s names. She is of course the oldest, and Cody (4)and Skye (15 months) both call her their sister, so it was a natural fit to include her in the family pictures. I have never included a family pet in portraits before, so this was new to me. But Hailey was a sweet dog and was very well behaved for her first portrait session.

We danced, we jumped and had a great time. Thank you “M” family for a wonderful afternoon.


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