G Family

“The love of a family is life’s greatest blessing”.  – author unknown

The message Cathy and Josh were hoping to convey through their images was “the importance of family”. Their oldest daughter Sienna (16 months) received a photo session from her Aunt and Uncle as a birthday gift. When her mother Cathy let me know she was expecting we decided to hold off until Kiera (2 1/2 weeks) was born. We were hoping to catch the new sisters together, and while that proved to be a challenge, we were able to capture this great family image.

Sienna’s parents described her as “spirited” and “very sociable”, but we just couldn’t seem to bring that out of her during our time together ;). She is however very fond of her teddy.

Kiera’s personality is still in the early stages, but she is certainly content to snuggle and offer up these adorable little happy smiles. Too sweet!

I made her newborn crown specifically for this session and I think it turned out pretty great.

If you would like to make one (or five) of your own please hop over to my DIY tutorial here.

I am a huge fan of natural posing. For me, it is the only way to capture true personality and emotion. I love that we could capture such a special and precious moment between daddy and his little girl.

This young family will be extra busy with 2 girls under two at home,  but the bond and closeness these sisters will share just might be the importance Josh and Cathy were hoping for.

If  you know someone who appreciates the “Art of Portraiture” and would love the gift of a photo session, please email me at stephanie@stephaniepasutto.com for more information on gift certificates.


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