Halloween How-to

halloween how to


Halloween is here and it’s time to get your camera ready to capture all of the frightful festivities.

Here are a few tips to help you capture great Halloween pictures of your kids and the true spirit of All Hallows’ eve.

1. Be sure you have fresh batteries in your camera and enough room on your card to capture all of the special moments or the memory of the evening could be over before it starts.

2. Your flash is not your friend. To achieve the best, most flattering images, you need good natural light. Your kids have probably been asking daily to wear their costume, so solidify your position as coolest mom, and have them wear their costume the day before or earlier on the big day so you can take advantage of the best light.(win, win!)  It gets pretty dark here around 6:00pm so you’ll want to take your little ghosts and goblins outside before that.

3. Mind your background. Really think about what you want the focus of the image to be on.

4. Almost any costume character your child will wear would never say “cheese” ever. To get fun, authentic images, ask your child to act out their character or give you their best “insert character” face. It is always fun to see a child’s personality change once a costume or mask goes on.

5. Get eye level. Be sure to capture the important details of costume from their perspective. Keep in mind that shoes are probably the least costume-y part of the costume so you may not need more than a few full length shots. Ask your child what their favorite part of the costume is and they will be more likely to cooperate when it comes to picture time.

Aside from their adorable costume, there are plenty of other moments you may want to capture that make Halloween special.

1. Decorating your home getting all Halloween’d out.

2. Before, during and after having their face painted.

3. Treats made for school parties.

4. Leaving with excitement down the driveway.

5. Trick or Treating at their first house.

6. Their expression as their candy haul is dumped on the kitchen table.

7. Halloween family traditions.

8. Haunted house visit or trick or treating at the mall.

9. School costume party

10. Carving pumpkins

For those families whose candy lasts longer than 1 week (which would never happen in our house) here is a great post with ideas on what to do with left over treats.

I hope these tips help you enjoy the spirit of this ghostly night. Remember to have fun and be safe when you are out trick or treating this year.

Happy Halloween!


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