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Happy New Year!!

I REALLY am excited to start the new year. I have such a good feeling about 2014 and have many changes in store for STEPHANIE PASUTTO PHOTOGRAPHY.  One of the changes I am most excited about is the introduction of colour images. When I started my photography business in 2010, I processed all of my images exclusively in black and white. I love the simplicity and emotion that is conveyed in a black and white image, and I am excited to bring that same feel to my colour images.

Another change I’m excited about is my monthly digital newsletter – KID AWESOME. Subscribers to this magazine will receive exclusive content and be first to hear about upcoming mini sessions and promotions. Get yourself on that list here. And to take a peak at the current issue, click on the image below.


And like the start of all new years, I have made some resolutions. One of my main ones is to take more pictures of my boys and family. I have committed myself to capturing an image every day in 2014. And further to that, I’m going to document it. Taking the picture is really only half of the battle (and a really small half at that). I so appreciated when my mom passed on my childhood photo albums and realized I currently could not do the same thing for my own boys. Yes I take a lot of pictures of them, but I am super guilty of leaving them on my phone and saved into folders on my desktop. The technology used to store my images will most likely be obsolete when they are ready to move out and then what? Join me on this resolution and challenge yourself to take more pictures and print them. I will share how I’m going to do it soon, so get your camera ready and get snap happy with me!


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