Modern Kids

I love the energy that comes from photographing children. Sometimes it’s nervous energy, but most of the time it’s crazy, this is a lot of fun, energy. And this session was no different. Charlee (5), Sawyer (3) and Remy (11 months) were perfect models and a lot of fun to photograph. Charlee was super comfortable in front of the camera, and while her brother Sawyer was a little shy, he did great. And Remy? Well at just 11 months old he was absolutely magic.

In my Getting to Know You form that I send to all of my clients, their mom hoped to get “fun, modern, artful pictures” that conveyed “happiness and togetherness” and I think we nailed it.

Keep an eye out for Remy’s AWESOME cake smash coming soon!

Here’s a good example of crazy, this is a lot of fun energy! Good job Charlee!!Flying like Superman with dad.How cool is this soon to be one year old?

I MUSTACHE you a question…but I’ll SHAVE it for later :)


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