All birthdays deserve to be celebrated, but the first one is extra special. Here is a quick video of a behind the scenes cake smash we did for my youngest son last year. Click on the image to start the show. Enjoy!


The Adams family were in the studio in March to capture some images of their adorable family. Their children Claire (3) and Jack (8months) both have amazing eyes (and skin) and were just a pleasure to photograph. Claire has been in front of the camera before, but this was Jack’s first time, and to celebrate this stage, his mom requested a 20 x 20 storyboard of his images that turned out beautifully!

How sweet is this little face?I love this image of Jack.  I think it looks like he is in a go cart and is having way too much fun speedIng along.But he really only wanted to use it as a teething ring. Thankfully it is made of very soft wood.Claire was a little camera shy but she was very happy to wear this bunny hat.Dad was so sure we wouldn’t be able to get a picture of them together. I like a challenge and this image is adorable of them!Cuddles with mom.

And even happier in mom & dad’s arms :)


Every child is an artist. – Picasso

This is the most color this site will ever see :) It is also my longest blog posting ever, so you may want to grab a coffee, sit down and relax.

My youngest son just celebrated his 2nd birthday with not 1, but 2 parties. Yes we start having more than one party at 2 years of age. Crazy, but fun! This is the dessert bar from his “friends” party. 2 is still a tough age for them to be into anything long enough to plan a party around, so I decided to go with an art party theme. I like having backgrounds for my dessert tables and came across this crayon canvas. I rushed out and grabbed my supplies and got DIYing. This is a 48″ canvas and required 2 boxes of 96 crayons. All you really do is glue the crayons to the top of the canvas and hold a hair dryer to them until the wax runs down. It was super easy to make and really makes a statement.

We live in a very monochromatic home so this piece has since found a new and loving home.

And this is the dessert table from the family party. Which one do you like better?

An art party, needs paint, and to paint, you need brushes. These taste way better and don’t leave a mess on your clothes.You just have to love Pinterest, and this is one of those lovely items I came across on the site. These edible crayons are simply pretzel rods with the ends dipped in melting chocolate. The crayon wrappers are a download and available on many sites. I grabbed mine here.Of all the things I made for the party (s), these cupcakes were the most labor intensive and will probably not be made again. It wasn’t so much the multicolored cupcake that took time, it was dividing up the icing evenly, adding color and icing each cupcake a different color that drove me batty. I used a marshmallow fluff icing that the kids really seemed to like, the cupcakes? Not as much.This is the table setting for party #1. I covered the table with the background paper I use for my photo sessions and then using chalkboard paint, I painted a placemat for each child. They also each had their own chalk and were free to go crazy with their drawings. The best part? All of the kids were under 6, and they actually stayed in their seats and drew and ate their lunch. It was a birthday miracle! I can’t say it will work for you, but I am bringing chalk with me the next time we eat out at a restaurant.

The table seemed bare without a centerpiece and when I came across these 3D balls from How About Orange, I knew they would be perfect. You can make your own by visiting their site here.Because a Little Picasso has to eat!

This is quite possibly my most favorite cake ever. Not necessarily for the taste but for the uniqueness of it.. I knew I wanted to do a rainbow layered cake, but was dreading having to ice the darn thing. I see perfectly iced cakes online and have watched how-to videos on YouTube, but I really wanted to keep my sanity through the whole thing. I was watching Rachel Ray and she was featuring super easy and quick ways to ice your cake. One of them was to pipe chocolate onto parchment and once it was dry, gently place the hardened chocolate on your cake and you’re done. That got me thinking. I had lots of left over melting chocolate, so I started piping it onto parchment as she suggested. Then I decided to take it one step further. I remembered my oldest son had made a drawing of our family including his younger brother. We are a family of 4 (and will stay that way:) so I am not sure who the others are on there, but that is for another day.  I took my son’s drawing and placed it under the parchment and traced the drawing with the melted chocolate and once it was ready I covered the cake. I think it worked out great and really fit with the “art party” theme, and hid my pathetic attempt to smooth ice the cake. 

The guests at the party were impressed with the outside of the cake, but there were many oohs and ahhs once the cake was finally cut.White chocolate lollipops, yum!I picked these drinks up from Planet Organic because I thought that they looked like paint splatters and were too cute to pass up. This was the least stressed I have been for a party, and I think it was in part due to the food. This time around we had out guests “make their own masterpiece” with sandwiches. We offered up a few suggestions for some artisan sandwiches but really it was our guests decision. I don’t know why I hadn’t thought about a food bar sooner, but you can guess that we will have one every party from now on as it was too easy, and had minimal prep involved. When it comes to the actual party, I want to enjoy it along with my guests and this is probably the first time I’ve done that.

This is another Pinterest gem from Seven Sisters that worked great for my art party. Using paint samples I picked up from a local hardward store, I sewed the edges together and that became the napkin + utensil holder.

And lastly, here is a picture of my now 2 year old. He is such a sweetheart and was pretty accommodating in letting me capture some images of him at this great stage.

Happy Birthday Giuliano, we all love you like crazy!

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I am very excited to offer SUPERHERO mini sessions! This has been almost a year in the works. Birthday parties and paper have always been a passion of mine, and I was fortunate enough to have this little SUPERHERO in the studio last year to celebrate his fourth birthday. You can read all about his birthday session awesomeness here. Once I knew he was having a SUPERHERO themed birthday, I decided that a proper background was in order and designed this city background just for his shoot. I was really happy with how it turned out and even happier to find out that this image was awarded First Place in the Children’s category in NAPCP‘s (National Association of Professional Child Photographers) International Image Competition. You can read a little more about that here.

I love the energy that comes from these types of sessions. It is amazing to see how little ones change and perform in front of the camera once the mask goes on. This promises to be an action packed adventure and one that your little SUPERHERO will remember for some time.

Availability is limited so please email me at to reserve your spot.

Come dressed in your SUPERHERO best and let the fun begin!

UPDATE: Now included in your mini session is your choice of a limited edition superhero bowl+plate set or lunchbox from Childish (a value of $45) Your kids will go super crazy for these amazing personalized items!  Sarah is also throwing in a personalized superhero ID tag. How cool is that? With this new addition to the session fee, that means you get your 3 favorite images on CD for only $83/each. Print as many as your heart (and family) desire. Use them for birthday invites or a poster for your child’s room. I’m no math wizard but this is an amazing way to celebrate your little superhero at a great price. Up, up and away!