Iseul. Her name is Korean meaning “Dew”. Such a pretty and soft name perfect for this precious baby girl. I first met Iseul when she was 28 days old, and then a second time with mom + dad when she was nearly 2 months old. You can really see the difference in the images below. Oh how they grow so fast. This is an exciting time for this family as Iseul is the first baby for mom + dad and the first grandchild in her family. She is extremely loved. Welcome to the world Iseul :).


There were a lot of firsts for me this week. Twins, 3 brothers and this happy blended family of 6!

I truly enjoy receiving my “Getting To Know You” homework back from my clients. It is really interesting and special to get a sneak peek into their lives before I ever get to meet them. The one I received from Gwen was no different. When asked “what they hope to convey to your children through these images” she answered “how truly awesome they are and how very much they ALL mean to me.” Some of the other words she used to describe her family were full of life, sweet, kind soul and wise beyond their years.  How’s that for an awesome family unit?! This was a fun session for me and I think they all had a good time too!


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I LOVE what I do. I get to work with amazing people and everyone is happy.

Capturing these times for families is priceless and very special to me.

The “N” family was no exception. We had SO much fun together. With 5 wardrobe changes and as many props, Abbie (8) and Aidan (6) pulled their session off like seasoned runway models! Their fur brother Buddy got in on the action too. This family has a lot of fun together and don’t take themselves too seriously which I love!I have to admit, up until this year I had no idea what Bieber Fever was, or how you got it for that matter. But after watching the movie Never Say Never, I gotta say I  got a serious case of the “Fever” (in a motherly sense of course :)).

Abbie also has the fever (different from mine ;) )and this is her doing her best Bieber pose. So cute!!
“Dance of a salesman”

Aidan’s mom noted that he is a “spirited entertainer”. I just couldn’t get that out of him during our session ;)Buddy is a 10 month old Golden Retriever and a huge part of this happy family.


Bella is quite honestly the sweetest and friendliest one year olds I have met. Right from the door she came into my arms and we became fast friends. Her parents celebrated her first birthday with a huge birthday bash with 60 people in attendance! This family definitely knows how to party. They picked up this amazing cupcake from Hey Cupcake in Sherwood Park and we had a lot of fun watching her “smash” it. Bella, thank you for bringing so many smiles. I wish you a very happy first year!

This is one of the only times as a parent that we want our children to play with their food. Sometimes they need a little encouragement :)

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