Get ready for a serious dose of cute! Remy came by the studio for a cake smash to celebrate his first birthday and boy did he SMASH it!. His mom picked up an adorable cake from Whimsical Cake Studio (and spoiled my boys and I with delicious cupcakes as well :) and Remy got straight to work. I have captured a few smashes in my day, but Remy is hands down the smash king. Many children are a little caught off guard at a smash because as parents, we are always trying to get them NOT to play with their food and all over the place. So the fact that we are asking them to get right into it and be messy is a little foreign to them.

You want me to what?Ok! If you say so….a little here.whoops, maybe too much fondant :)Here you try some!Up high for being ONE!and a little there….this is fun!The getaway!

Happy Birthday little man!


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