Sophie + Tyler

Sophie is super excited about just turning 3. (I know it’s REALLY hard to tell from the pictures :) She loves Yo Gabba Gabba, Dora and her 10 month old brother Tyler, but not necessarily in that order. She is so full of life and has the most amazing eyes I have seen on a 3 year old.

 How sweet and happy is this face? Just another day for Tyler. His parents say he smiles all of the time and is just the happiest baby boy.

When I came across this extra large, enormous, marshmallow lollipop, I knew it was the perfect treat to celebrate just turning 3. It also worked lovely as a bribe. Her mother thought it would take her a few days to get through it.

I love how in just a short period of time, we can capture so many different “faces”. Love this one!

and this one too!

It’s cool being 3!


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