We are Family

I know I say this alot, and I always mean it when I say it, and this time is no different. It was an absolute pleasure photographing the Melnyk family. I am sometimes a little nervous photographing “older” children for fear they may be too self aware and uncomfortable in front of the lens, but Katie, Olivia and Edward were just magic to work with. There is a lot of love in this family and it really shows in these images.

I LOVE this family image. Even Winnie (their 5 yr old Goldendoodle) is smiling!!

Their parents didn’t think they would see the day the three of them would be caught together in one image. Success!I am always super thrilled when parents get in on the action. How lovely is this couple?Kisses for little brother.These two rocked this shot!Way too cool for school.
Winnie deserves some camera time too!Nothing sweeter than a boy and his dog. 


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