West Coast Kids

Owen and his little sister Payton stopped by my studio while on vacation from Victoria, BC. This session was a surprise for their dad who is in the Navy and was unable to make the trip. Owen may only be 2 1/2 years old but he is a big boy and an even bigger Thomas the Train fan. He did so well in front of the camera and was thrilled when his favorite tv show came on in the background. He seemed very proud to wear the leather bomber as he looked just like dad who likes to ride motorcycles. Owen has gorgeous long lashes that would make any mascara model jealous and is a very happy and adorable boy.

Payton celebrated her very first birthday this past weekend so a cupcake smash was definitely in order. It is always funny watching their reaction when the cupcake is placed in front of them. This is really the only time as parents that we actually want them to get their food all over them and that takes them a little getting used to. Payton seemed to really enjoy her Rootbeer Float flavored cupcake and was the perfect little “love bug”.

Thank you both so much for spending some time with me on your vacation and I hope we give you drier weather next visit.
Happy birthday Payton!


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