Black & White

“When you photograph a man in color, you photograph his clothes.

When you photograph a man in B&W, you photograph his soul.”

– Ted Grant (Canadian photographer)

The emotional response to a black + white photograph is simple yet strong.

It allows you to connect with an image and focus on true emotion without distracting details.

This is a newborn image of me. (Yes they had cameras back then!)

I am fortunate to have such a special image and it is something I will share with my boys when they are old enough to appreciate and understand that mom was little once too.

Like wedding photos, these images truly reflect a special time in your life. They are timeless and something you will cherish a lifetime.

It is my privilege to capture these memories and moments for you.

I am grateful for the opportunity, and I look forward to capturing modern, natural portraits

that you will share and enjoy for a lifetime.


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